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Mini Off-Road RC Car
1/10 4WD Monster Truck
2.4G RC Drone
1/12 4WD Short Course​
2.4G 6CH RC Soccer Robot
1/16 High Speed Monster Truck​
HD Camera Optical Flow Drone
1/20 High Speed Monster Truck
1/224WD RC Rock Crawler
2.4G RC Building Blocks Tank

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Electric Pottery Wheel
Electronic Pet 2.4G RC Dinosaurs
Stunt RC Rock Crawler
8 Wheels Stunt RC Car

Tigersniff Technology Co., Ltd

Customer first! The best toys&hobbies vendor in Shantou, Guangdong, China.
Tigersniff is located in Chinese biggest toy&hobby production base, Shantou city, Guangdong. Our mission is producing best value toys and hobbies to customers, not only good cost, also taking more happiness to the final consumers! Although we are working in toy&hobby industry for years, when we have our own children, we know the true meaning of toys&hobbies. ---Toys&hobbies are children&adults friends.
When our children stopped in front of the window, in front of the store, looking at all kinds of toys&hobbies with eager eyes. We understand what should we do for them. --- Provide the most suitable toy&hobby for them. When our children only watch TV, play video games and surf the Internet, we know what we should take for them. Wish our body is strong like a tiger, our life is beautiful like a rose!

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