June 1 – International Children’s Day is celebrated annually throughout the world. Various activities initiated by the United Nations are held around the world every year. Moreover in addition to that, each country holds its own celebrations devoted to this wonderful holiday.

Children’s Day was established in 1949 by the “Democratic Federation of Women” Congress in Paris. China was one of the first countries to support the initiative. In December 1949, by the PRC government decision 1 June was announced International Children’s Day.

Chinese childrenIt should be noted that prior to this decree, China had a similar holiday “Ertun Tse” “Children’s Day”). It was established in 1931 and celebrated on 4April every year.

The many worlds’ countries hold mass rallies in support of the children this day. This day, the Chinese with their children go to the parks to take part in public games and shows organized there. On holidays the admission to all these public places of amusement is free. The Government organizes festivals for children from children’s homes, and other entertainments. Children’s Day in China is really a merry and memorable holiday.

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For the children of North America, Christmas is coming ahead of time. Spin Master plays the role of Santa Claus (not wearing bright red clothes), delivering nearly 90000 toys, plush toys and games to children infected with coronavirus.

The toys, which retail for about $1 million, aim to bring some joy to family life as the epidemic continues. “

During this difficult period, spin master is still committed to providing children with opportunities to grow and learn in the game, regardless of the environment or background, “said ronnen Harary, the company’s co CEO.

Spin Master has worked with companies to find and bring joy to children affected by covid-19. Its charitable partners include baby2baby, toys for tots, school on wheels, variety the children’s property of Southern California, Chai lifeline west coast, Chai lifeline Canada, children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada, save the children, Toronto firefighter’s toy drive, etc.

Spin Master continues to give back throughout the outbreak. So far, the company has donated more than 200000 shields to medical workers, sanatoriums and shelters in North America.

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There is an old saying: “take history as a mirror, you can know the rise and fall.” Before the mainland of China became the “world toy factory”, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, among the four small dragons in Asia, once played the same role. When the focus of toy manufacturing industry shifted to the mainland of China, they also tried to find a way out and went out of their own way.

When discussing the way out of China’s OEM enterprises, on the one hand, we can learn from the experience of these “predecessors”, on the other hand, we should fully understand the later competitors who are covetous, know ourselves and the other, so as to have a definite aim.

However, in Europe, which is far away from the home of global toy manufacturing, the Czech Republic, with another advantage, has become the focus of the global toy manufacturing industry following China, and its experience is worth noting.


(1) Review: economy is the primary factor of industrial migration

(2) Current situation: the transformation of “world factory” according to local conditions

(3) The future: the future has its advantages and disadvantages

(4) Conclusion: build a compound modern manufacturing industry

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LEGO said net profit rose 3% in 2019 to dkk8.3bn. Hasbro’s net income rose 2.8% to $1.43 billion in 2019, but fell short of the $1.44 billion forecast. Mattel’s revenue and sales in 2019 were US $4.5 billion, equal to expectations. VTech today reported an increase in gross margin, with underlying earnings per share up 11%.

VTech’s switch & go dinos have proved successful. Weiyida Group Co., Ltd. announced its results for the financial year ended March 31, 2020, showing an increase in gross profit margin.

In the financial year ended March 31, 2020, the group’s revenue increased by 0.2% to $2165.5 million, with sales growth in Europe and Asia Pacific offsetting sales declines in North America and other regions. Revenue grew 1.5% to $2161 million in 2018.

The company’s shareholders accounted for an 11.3% increase in profits to $190.7 million. This is mainly due to the higher gross profit brought by the lower cost. Basic earnings per share rose 11% to 75.7 cents, compared with 68.2 cents in the previous fiscal year.

In terms of independent products, sales of weiida brand products in Europe decreased. The growth of pre-school products, Kidizoom cameras and switch & go dinos was offset by lower sales of infant products, the toot toot range and the kidi range.

Zoomizooz is a new set of interactive animal toys, which has been launched in the main market of Europe and is very popular. Sales of leapfrog’s stand-alone products have increased as a result of increased sales of products for infants, young children and pre-school children. However, in North America, the growth of leapfrog learning toys is particularly strong.

The brand benefited as retailers increased shelf space and increased sales of products for infants and pre-school children. Good sales of projects with significant educational value, such as the leapfrog learning friends 100 words book and two-in-1 leaptop touch, also contributed to growth. Sales of the new interactive building equipment leapbuilders are strong as retailers support the range.

For the weiida brand, preschool education products and kidi series have achieved high sales in North America, which is mainly due to the success of products such as Myla the magic unicorn, PJ mask learning watch and kidi star karaoke machine.

This growth offsets the decline in baby products, kidzooms and go cameras! Go! Smart line products.

In 2020, it reported a net profit of US $118 million, a year-on-year increase of 30.97%. The novel coronavirus broke out in the last three months of fiscal year 2020, resulting in a decline in the group’s revenue this quarter. This resulted in flat revenue throughout the fiscal year and increased profits as a result of higher gross margin, “said Allan Wong, chairman and group chief executive of weiida.

VTech Group expects to lose about 1/3 of its capacity in mainland China in the first 3 months of 2020. After the end of February 10th, the factory in mainland China has begun to resume work in stages. Due to a large number of domestic workers’ delay in returning to work, the group’s return to normal operation is slower than usual. By April 2020, normal production capacity will be fully restored.

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Most of Mattel’s toy sales fell as the coronavirus disrupted its business and closed many retail stores, with the company making a huge first quarter loss.

The toy company, which makes Barbie dolls and Thomas & friends, lost $210.7 million in the third quarter, with revenue down 13.8% to $594.1 million.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus and the uncertain time of economic recovery, Mattel has also joined the ranks of many large companies and withdrawn its annual financial forecast.

The company said its production and distribution capacity had “basically recovered,” including in China’s toy production center. Earlier this year, during the coronavirus outbreak in China, some of China’s production activities were forced to shut down.

Sales of Fenghuo wheel toys rose one percentage point to $185.7 million, but sales of other major products fell. Sales of Barbie dolls and the home of American girls fell 11%.

Sales at Fisher’s fell 28%. In the first quarter of 2020, Mattel’s baby products dropped 11% to US $225.9 million. Specifically, Barbie’s total sales fell 10% to $147.5 million.

The total sales of American girls in the first quarter was $38.1 million, down 16% from last year. The toy manufacturer’s U.S. girls’ retail store has been temporarily closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mattel’s total sales in North America fell 17% to $305.8 million due to lower sales in various categories, including dolls;

Total international sales of dolls, building models and games, as well as infants, toddlers and pre-school children, fell 11% to $326.1 million.

Total sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa were relatively stable in the first quarter of 2020, while total sales in Latin America and Asia Pacific fell significantly (by 21% and 30%, respectively).

Although the weakness is expected to continue into the second quarter, “we are planning to increase demand for our products and expect a significant improvement in the second half of the year and the holiday season,” said ynon kreiz, the company’s chief executive.

Mattel shares fell 8.2 percent to $7.90 in after hours trading.

Although the movie has been delayed, the movie related toys are still on the shelves

Mattel said that top gun: maverick, originally planned to be released in July, will be launched this summer and will continue throughout the fall until the new release date of December 23.

Speed and passion’s “little yellow: the rise of Gru” and “F9” were delayed for a full year, and Ghostbusters: the afterlife “was delayed for several months. But the products of these films can be found online.

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As a whole, the new standard is in line with iec62115:2017 standard. If the factory can fully meet the iec62115:2017 standard before, there is no need to worry about the later EU EN62115 new standard.

CENELEC issued en IEC 62115:2020 and a11:2020 on February 21. According to industry experts, the standard should be available soon.

In order to adapt the industry to the new requirements, the new standard is expected to have a transition period of 2 years.

The new standard provides examples of electric toys included in its scope, such as building kits, electric toy computers, or dolls with interior lights.

EN IEC 62115:2020 is the European version of the international IEC 62115:2017 standard for electric toys. Technically, these standards are the same, because their goal is to achieve global coordination. In order to comply with some of the official requirements of the European toy safety directive 2009 / 48 / EC, separate European standards need to be issued.

These specific European requirements are included in a separate revision – en IEC 62115:2020:a11:2020.

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According to yesterday’s news report, entertainment one (eone) is developing 15 TV projects and 21 movie projects based on Hasbro’s IP portfolio. The other two giants, Mattel and spin master, have started to move from traditional toys to movies!

Oscar winning director Josh Cooley (Toy Story 4) will direct a Transformers prequel, which will focus on the story between Optimus Prime, the leader of Autobots, and Megatron, the leader of Decepticons, based on Cybertron, according to reports.

According to deadline, Mr. Cooley confirmed the news on twitter, adding the logo of the hero Autobot and two words familiar to fans of transformers: “get out.”

According to Hasbro’s 1984 hit toy series in the US, the new transformers movie will be shot separately from the live action movie directed by Michael Bay and the latest Bumblebee sequel. Hasbro / eone will co direct the production of the film with Paramount Pictures, whose Allspark pictures has a long-term partnership with Paramount Pictures.

Prior to the release of Toy Story 4 last year, Cooley explained to our sister publication, the pop insider, why he added new elements from the 1970s and 1980s to the expanded version of toy story.

“In the first toy story, characters like spring dog and Mr. potato are real toys, and people almost forget that,” he said “In Toy Story 4, I want to see something that grew up with me, almost everyone my age grew up with characters from Kenner Star Wars.”

Kenner was acquired by Hasbro in the mid-1990s. Eone was recently acquired by Hasbro for more than $4 billion.

In January 2019, Barbie finally appeared on the big screen. Mattel and Warner Brothers have signed a live action movie agreement. Barbie will be given life in a live action movie.

Other films based on their toy properties include View Master, masters of the University, American girl, magic 8 ball and major mat Mason.

In the future toy giant competition, the market seems to have some changes, who will be the final winner, we will wait and see!

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In its first quarter earnings conference call, Washington based Funko revealed that it appointed Ginny McCormick as its chief marketing officer.

Ginny McCormick joined the company from Hasbro, where she held various positions for nearly 10 years. Recently, she established and led the toy manufacturer’s global integrated media organization, providing leading strategic, investment and measurement services to more than 20 brands in 34 markets.

She has worked in Mattel and Reebok as an experienced marketing person and has worked in brand management, toy product development and digital licensing.

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti said McCormick joined the company in March. Funko joined the toy and collectibles industry and was hit when it began to feel the impact of covid-19 in the first quarter of 2020.

The company’s net sales for the first quarter of 2020 were $136.7 million, down 18% from $167.1 million last year. In the first few weeks of the 2019 coronavirus, Funko was one of the first companies to withdraw its financial guidance in 2020, after which the company took so-called “considerable part” of its employees’ leave, cut executive pay and took comprehensive measures to control spending.

The company acknowledged that the real challenge was in the second quarter, but expressed confidence in the new products planned for the second half of the year.

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Due to the continuous evolution of the covid-19 epidemic, after many conversations with exhibitors, participants and partners, the global licensing group of informa markets announced that the licensing Expo, which was scheduled to be held in Las Vegas in August, would not be held this year. The 40th World’s largest licensing Fair will be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from May 25 to 27, 2021.

Licensing fairs usually attract more than 16000 participants from more than 70 countries. However, the need to connect with partners, colleagues and communities is more urgent than ever, so GLG will host a series of multi platform activities for the rest of 2020 through cooperation with international authorized organizations.

Anna knight, vice president of the global licensing group for information markets, explained: “the challenges associated with the covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainties it creates make it impossible for us to provide the licensing Expo we have been waiting for.”

“It’s a very difficult decision not to hold a licensing exhibition this year, but it means that we now have a whole year to change the rules and hold the greatest global licensing exhibition in history in 2021 to celebrate its 40th anniversary.”

We have also worked closely with our association partner, the international licensing organization, to develop a new and meaningful programme of activities that will continue to engage the global licensing community over the next 12 months. ” “We understand the importance of face-to-face meetings to drive our business. The current situation makes this impossible. We will continue to provide programs to help our members and the industry stay informed, connected and moving forward. “

The first such event is the licensing week – a five-day virtual keynote, education seminar, matchmaking, web and digital exhibition – to be held from 15 to 19 June. Less than two weeks ago, the online only event has attracted a lot of interest from authorized agencies around the world, with sponsorship opportunities almost sold out. Free registration on May 18. “We were surprised by the positive feedback we received about authorization week,” Anna said. “We know that there is now more opportunity than ever to connect, do business and build networks, which is very important for the licensing industry.

The most important authorized trade show in Europe, brand licensing Europe, will be held in Excel Exhibition Center in London from October 6 to 8.

Then, in November, the licensing Leadership Summit, the executive level meeting and network activities of the global licensing organization will return to Hilton central, New York, for two-day ideological leadership, November 5-6.

The licensing Leadership Summit will be a key date in the 2020 licensing calendar. The epidemic has changed our understanding of licensing, production, consumers and retail.

People in the industry must come together to help us all understand how these changes will affect our future, how to mitigate challenges and maximize opportunities. Every senior person in the global licensing industry needs to attend the licensing leadership summit in November to contribute to the future think tanks of the industry. ” “The health and safety of our members is our top priority, and we believe that the combination of international licensing organizations and GLG’s 2020 and 2021 activity plans will provide some very valuable online and offline participation opportunities in the next 12 months,” Anna Knight concluded.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all great mothers! 

A day to honor mothers has existed for as long as, well, there have been mothers! Festivals honoring mothers in ancient times were often tied to gods and goddesses. The Phrygians held a festival for Cybele, the Great Mother of the Gods. The Greeks and Romans also honored the mother figure of their gods. Even today, an important festival in India, Durga-puja, honors the goddess Durga.

During the Middle Ages, people would return to their home or “mother” church once a year during the middle of Lent. (Back then, children would often leave to work at the tender age of 10!) Historians theorize that it was the return to the “mother” church that led to the tradition of children getting the day off to visit their mother and family.

In 16th-century England, this celebration became “Mothering Sunday.” Children—mainly daughters who had gone to work as domestic servants—would be given the day off on the fourth Sunday of Lent to return to their mothers and home parish. The eldest son or daughter would bring a “mothering cake,” which would be cut and shared by the entire family. Family reunions were the order of the day, with sons and daughters assuming all household duties and preparing a special dinner in honor of their mother. Sometime during the day, the mother would attend special church services with her family.

Mothering Sunday was also known as Refreshment Sunday; the fasting rules were relaxed for that day. (Often, the gospel for the day was about Jesus feeding the crowd with loaves of bread.) The traditional cake, called a Simnel cake, is a fruit cake with two layers of almond paste. The cake was made with 11 balls of marzipan icing on top, representing the 11 disciples. (Judas is not included.) Traditionally, sugar violets would also be added.

In the United States, three women were most instrumental in establishing the tradition of Mother’s Day: Ann Reeves Jarvis, Julia Ward Howe, and Ann’s daughter, Anna M. Jarvis. Learn more about these three great women who fought for children’s welfare, health and peace.

How do you celebrate this day with your Mom?

After Hasbro and Mattel, spin master is the third major toy manufacturer to report results since the 19th century. Mattel’s total sales in the first quarter of 2020 were $670 million, down 14%. Mattel shares fell more than 9% in after hours trading after the results were released. Hasbro reported that net income for the quarter fell 8% to $1.1 billion from $1.2 billion in the same period last year. Spin Master’s sales grew 0.7% in the first quarter.

Spin Master, the Toronto based toy and entertainment company, avoided the overall decline, with first quarter sales up just 0.7% to $242.3 million. Total revenue fell 4.9% to $227.3 million, compared with $239 million in the same period last year.

North America’s GDP grew by 2.2%, Europe by 13.6%, and the rest of the world by 29.4%.

The decline offset a 24% increase in most regional categories, with a 19.6% increase in events, games, puzzles, plush, largely driven by sales of games and power sand products, DC comic series of action and construction products, Bakugan, and Tech Deck.

“For spin master, the first quarter of 2020 is a challenging quarter because we have to deal with both the evolving situation of covid19 and the legacy impact of operational challenges in the second half of 2019.”

Covid-19’s first impact on our Asian supply chain was at the beginning of the first quarter, and we worked very hard to stabilize it at the end of this quarter. As the virus spreads to the customer market, we quickly adjust and implement measures to minimize the potential impact on our employees and spin master, “said ronnen Harary, joint CEO of spin master. “

In this quarter, our sales revenue increased significantly compared with last year, especially in the categories of games, puzzles, activities, arts and crafts, as well as the demand for our entertainment content and digital games, because consumers want to look after their children at home. ” We have made significant progress in addressing the business challenges we face in 2019 and are ready for the second half of 2020.

We focus on keeping our team safe and productive, reducing costs, managing our cash flow carefully, and continuing to invest in the long term. We believe in the potential resilience of the toy industry, as well as our diversified brand, entertainment industry and digital toy portfolio.

Our commitment to the strategy and a strong financial base enable us to achieve long-term success. “

The company’s profitability was also hit in the first quarter of this year. Gross profit fell to $90.8 million from $107.7 million last year. The company said the lower gross margin was due to increased freight, relocation costs and inventory reserves.

Mark Segal, spin master’s chief financial officer, said: “the operational challenges that began in the second half of 2019 have had a significant impact on profitability in the first quarter.” “In this quarter, we have taken intensive action to solve these problems. We have made significant progress through structural supply chain change, cross functional collaboration and cost management initiatives. We expect these initiatives to improve operational efficiency as we reach a seasonal sales peak in the second half of 2020. Our working capital is still in good condition. Our financial situation is stable and we have plenty of working capital.

During the quarter, we used $350 million of committed lines of credit, and by the end of the quarter, our cash position increased to $424 million. Over time, we will continue to focus on strengthening our core strengths to build and maintain an efficient, profitable and sustainable platform for long-term global growth. “

Spin Master will hold a conference call at 9:30 a.m. ET on May 7 to discuss the results.

1. Traxxas XO-1 AWD Supercar
2. Traxxas TRX-4 Rock Crawler
3. Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer
4. Arrma Mega Granite 4×4
5. Losi Tenacity MT 1/10 Monster Truck
6. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car
7. Team Associated CR12 Ford F-150
8. Redcat Racing Everest-10
9. Volcano EPX Truck by Redcat Racing
10. Axial Deadbolt SCX10 II Crawler

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* LED light eyes
* Forward, backward
* Mouth open and close
* With automatic demonstration function
Product Size: 25*6.5*14cm
Product Color: brown
Playtime: above 20 minutes
Control Distance: 10 meters
Charging Time: 20 minutes
Product Battery: 2.4V/80mAh, Ni-MH battery
Controller Battery: 3×1.5V AAA excluded
Packaging including:

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The NPD Group has published the top 10 best-selling toys in the U.K. as Britons prepared to go into lockdown in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The top ten toys are:

* Monopoly Class;
* L.O.L. Surprise! Hairvibes;
* Dobble;
* L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Lights;
* Technic Bugatti Chiron Construction Kit 1:5;
* Scrabble Original;
* Technic Land Rover Defender 2573 Pieces;
* Cluedo;
* L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Doll Asst;
* and Uno Original.

The biggest selling toy category in the first official week of lockdown was games and puzzles, which earned a 21 percent share of weekly spend across the entire toy sector. The categories spending shared marked a nine percent increase from the same week in 2019. Outdoor and sports also saw growth with 18 percent of all sector spend, up from 12 percent last year.

“Our figures clearly show that consumers are preparing for the coming weeks of isolation with a selection of family board games, outdoor and seasonal summer toys, craft kits and building sets,” says Frederique Tutt, global toy market expert, The NPD Group. “It’s interesting to see the classic games of Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo and Uno on this list. These ‘standards’ have shown us over and again that they can stand the test of time when reinvented and so it looks like they’ll continue entertaining generations of Britons as householders look to release stress and tighten family ties during these challenging times.
In the U.K., Brits are also buying some of the toughest building sets available. With their price points at around £233 for the Technic Bugatti Chiron Construction Kit and approximately £153 for the Technic Land Rover Defender kit, these sets are not just for kids.

“We’re seeing a clear ‘kidult’ and adult trend here,” adds Tutt. “Perhaps some of the buyers are grabbing the opportunity to use their newly found spare time to achieve a long-term dream to build one of these cars in LEGO.” Other top sellers include playhouses, slides and swingball sets. Also, to keep the kids occupied, sales in the Arts & Crafts category almost doubled (up 97 percent) with slime, dough and craft kits all making it into shopping baskets.

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Item No.: 9920


* Forward, backward turn right
* Demo function
* LED light eyes

Product Size: 11.5*7.5*3.5cm
Product Color: white, black
Playtime: above 20 minutes
Control Distance: 10 meters
Product Battery: AG13*3 included
Controller Battery: AG13*3 included

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13M Product:”9001, 9002, 9501, 9501+, 9501V+,9502, 9502+, 9502V+, 9505+, 9541,9541V, 9542, 9542V, 9552, 9552V”

2AAB (China) Co., Ltd. Product:KN95

3Allmed Product:KN95 Particulate Respirator LP220002

4Anhui Zhongke Duling Commercial Appliance Co., Ltd Product: Mether M-9501 EN149:2001 FFP2

5Anshun Health and Medical Technology Co., LTD Product: AKF2002

6AOK Tooling Ltd. (aka Shenzhonghai Medical) Product: “20130040, 20130045A, 20180021,20130038, 20190019”

7Bei Bei Safety Co Ltd. Product:B702, B702V, B704, B704V

8Bei Bei (Dong Shan) Protective Supplies Co., LTD Product:B707

9BYD Precision Manufacture Co. Ltd. Product:BYD KN95 Particulate Respirator (Model Number: DG3101)

10Changsha JNEYL Medical Equipment Co., Ltd Product:JN-9501

11Changzhou Wedream Medical Device Co., Ltd Product:KN95

12Chengde Technology Co. Product:KN95 (PM 2.5) Protective Mask

13China Nano Technology Co., Ltd Product:ZN6005 ZN8005

14Chongqing China Nano Technology Co., Ltd. Product:KN95 ZN6005

15Chongqing Zaisheng Technology Co., Ltd.  Product:ZS-A950

16Chuzhou Qiao Dong Industrial Co., Ltd Product:Langie KN95 FFP2

17Creative Concepts Manufacturing Ltd Product:02669, 02676, KN95

18CTT CO. Ltd. Product:KN95

19Daddybaby Co. Ltd. Product:KN95 FFP2

20Dongguan Arun Industrial Co., LTD Product:KN95 N9

21DongGuan HuaGang Communication Technology Co., Ltd Product:KN95-A; KN95-B

22Dongguan Leihuo Medical Device Co., LTD Product:CPFM-100, CPFM-101, LH-KN95

23Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd. Product:KN95

24Dongguan Xianda Medical Equipment Co., Ltd Product:KN95

25Foshan Nanhai Weijian Sanbang Protective Equipment Technology Co., Ltd Product:KN95 Model 9051A

26Fujian Kang Chen Daily Necessities Co, Ltd. Product:K0450, 57793

27Fujian Pageone Garment Co., Ltd Product:KN95

28Fujian Yongtai Sanlian Garment Co., Ltd.  Product:N95

29Guangdong Fei Fan MStar Technology Ltd. Product:KN95

30Guangdong Golden Leaves Technology Development Co., Ltd. Product:8862 KN95

31Guangdong Kaper Protection Technology Co., Ltd  Product: KP-K02 (N95)

32Guangdong Nuokang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Product:KN95

33Guangdong ZhiZhen Biological Medicine Co., LTD Product:KN95

34Guangzhou Aiyinmei Co., LTD Product:A&F KN95

35Guangzhou Harley Commodity Company Limited Product:L-103V KN95

36Guangzhou Nan Qi Xing Nonwoven Co. Ltd Product:KN95

37Guangzhou Powecom Labor Insurance Supplies Co., LTD Product:KN95

38Guangzhou Sunjoy Auto Supplies Co., LTD Product:Earhook folding type K1-K100 Headband folding type K1-K100

39Guangzhou Yihere Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.  Product: YH-MFK-B95, YH-MFK-Z95

40Guizhou Bocai Medical Device Co., Ltd. Product:Bocai KN95

41HeiQ Materials AG Product: HVB-FFP2-01

42Henan Fengzhihuang Industrial Co., Ltd   Product: HF/KN95-3

43Henan Youmaisi Health Technology Co. LTD Product:YMS-AN95

44Huizhou Green Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd Product:G95200

45Hangzhou San Qiang Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd. Product:9420 (FFP2), 9420V (FFP2), 9480 (FFP2), 9480V (FFP2), 9980V (FFP3), 9920V (FFP3)

46Huizhou Huinuo Technology Co., LTD Product:HV-N White 9501A, HV-N White 9501B

47Huizhou Jiahe Cubic Technology Co., LTD Product:KN95

48Huizhou Lexuslance Technology Co. Ltd Product:LK-003

49Improve Medical (Hunan) Co., Ltd. Product:”PPDS Disposable Protective Respirator Strap Headband PPDS Disposable Protective Respirator Ear Hook”

50Jiangsu Weichuangli New Materials Co., Ltd. Product:WCL-0075

51Jiangsu Yimao Filter Media Co., Ltd Product:9570K

52Jiangxi Hornet Industrial Co. Ltd. Product:S-KN95

53Jiangxi Yifengyuan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Product:N95, KN95

54Jinhua Jiadaifu Medical Supplies Co. Ltd Product:KN95 FFP2

55Jinan Vhold Co., LTD Product:VH-95

56Juntech (Jiaxing) Healthcare Materials Co. Ltd Product:KN95

57Lanshan Shendun Technology Co. Product:SD-KN95-01, SD-KN95-02, SD-KN95- C01, SDKN95-C02

58Panzhihua Gangcheng Group Yasheng Industrial Co., Ltd. Product:KN95

59Qingdao Orphila Medical Technology Co. LTD. Product:OM-KN95-FFP2

60Qingyuan Leite Technology Development Co. Product:GV-0095A, GVHKN95

61Raxwell Industrial Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Product: RX9501

62Rizhao Sanqi Medical & Health Articles Co., Ltd Product: RIZ100CVb, 3Q KN95, 3Q FFP2 NR, RIZQ100Sb, 3Q KN95 9505

63Shandong Daddy’s Choice Health Science and Technology Co., Ltd  Product: Purism KN95

64Shandong Huishoutang Pharmaceutical Co Product:KN95

65Shandong Shengquan New Material Co., Ltd Product:SNN70370B (Willow leaf form valveless)

66Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Company, Ltd.   Product: DTC3X-1, DTC3X-2, DTC3X-3, DTC3B-1

67Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co.,Ltd. Product:YQD95 KN95

68Shauguan Taijie Protection Technology Co. Ltd. Product:KN95

69Shenzhen Horb Technology Corp., Ltd Product:

70Shenzhen Missadola Technology Co., Ltd, dba 1AK Medical Supplies Product:2626-1 KN95

71Sunright Medical Technology (GuangDong) Co., LTD Product: KN95-C3

72Suzhou Bolisi Medical Technology Co., Ltd Product:BS-9501L, BS-9501FL, BS-9502C, BS- 9502FC

73Suzhou Sanical Protective Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd  Product: Model 8015, Model 9015

74Tianjin Benmo Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Product:KN95

75Weini Technology Development Co., Ltd Product:FFP2 NR E-300, FFP2 NR E-680, FFP2 NR 952, FFP2 NR F-820, KN95 958, KN95 951

76Winner Medical Co. Ltd. Product:WN-N95FW, WN-N95FG, WN- N95FGIN

77Yiwu Henghao household products Co., Ltd Product:HH-KN95-001

78Yiwu Yifan Knitting Co. Ltd Product:KN95

79Zhangzhou Easepal Industrial Corp. Product:MASK-104

80Zhejiang Baiyi Intelligent Garment Co LTD Product:KN95

81Zhejiang Shengtai Baby Products Co Ltd Product:KN95

82Zhende Medical Co., LTD Product:N9501F

83Zhengzhou QBS New Material Co., LTD Product:KN95

84Zhengzhou Ripe Medical Technology Co., LTD Product:Disposable Protective Mask KN95

85Zhengzhou Ruipu Medical Technology Co.,Ltd Product:KN95

86Zhengzhou Wanshenshan Healthcare PPE Co., Ltd. Product:KN95

87ZhongKang protective equipment technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd Product:ZK601

If we can do anything for you to defense or overcome the COVID-19, please feel free to contact us. Tigersniff not only sell rc toys, hobbies and gadgets.

Announcement of the State Administration of market supervision and administration of the General Administration of Customs of the Ministry of Commerce No. 12 of 2020 on Further Strengthening the supervision of the export quality of epidemic prevention materials

In the special period of global epidemic, in order to more effectively support the international community to cope with the global public health crisis, we hereby announce the following measures to further strengthen the quality supervision of epidemic prevention materials and regulate the export order:

1, Strengthen the export quality supervision of non-medical masks. As of April 26, the exported non-medical masks shall meet the quality standards of China or foreign countries.

The Ministry of Commerce has confirmed the list of non-medical mask manufacturers that have obtained foreign standard certification or registration (dynamic update on the website of China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of medical and health products, www.cccmhpie. Org. CN), the list of non-medical mask quality non-conforming products and enterprises investigated and handled by the Market Supervision Administration (dynamic update on the website of the market supervision administration, www.samr. Gov.cn), and the list of non-medical mask export enterprises At the time of customs declaration, both the exporter and the importer shall submit a joint statement (refer to Appendix 1) in electronic or written form to confirm that the products conform to the quality standards of China or foreign countries. The importer accepts the quality standards of the purchased products and is not used for medical purposes. The customs shall check and release the products on the basis of the enterprise list provided by the Ministry of Commerce. The customs shall accept and declare the products that are not in the enterprise list provided by the General Administration of market supervision Check and release.

For the purchase contract signed before April 26, the electronic or written joint declaration of the exporter and the importer shall be submitted when the export declaration is made (refer to Annex 1).

2, We will further standardize the export order of medical materials. Since April 26th, novel coronavirus reagents, medical masks, medical protective clothing, respirators and infrared thermometers have been obtained by the products. They must submit electronic or written declarations (refer to Annex 2) to declare the products comply with the quality standards and safety requirements of the imported countries (regions). The customs will obtain the foreign standards from the Ministry of Commerce. Inspection and release of the list of certified or registered manufacturers (dynamic update of the website of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of medical and health products www.cccmhpie.org.cn).

The above supervision measures for the export quality of epidemic prevention materials will be dynamically adjusted according to the development of the epidemic situation.

More details, Please check: http://www.mofcom.gov.cn/article/ae/ai/202004/20200402958970.shtml

Tigersniff company would like to do our best to support customers during this difficult
time. We not only sell toys, hobbies and gadgets, we also work closely with customers for defensing COVID-19. Stay safe!

There are two types of motor in the R/C world: Brushed and Brushless. The next step in determining what type of vehicle would suit your needs is determining which of those two you would like.


Brushed motors have been around since the beginning of the hobby. They are cheap and plentiful, and most vehicles equipped with brushed motors are less expensive than their brushless counterparts. These motors are usually open to the environment to help them keep cool, but this can also introduce dirt, sand, and other debris into the motors, wearing them out quicker.


Brushless motors, compared to their brushed cousins, are basically more everything: more durable, more efficient, more speed, and more expensive. While they don’t wear out nearly as quickly as brushed motors, they are pricier to replace if needed, and just as vulnerable to high temperate degradation, but if you want more speed and power, brushless is where it’s at.

It should be noted that vehicles that start out with brushed motors can almost always be upgraded to brushless motors at a later date. It usually costs more in the long run to start brushed and upgrade later, but that cost is spaced out over time, as opposed to purchasing the more expensive, brushless-equipped truck right away.

Motor is very important port of vehicle, use the right motor will help you get more fun. Tigersniff also provide motors for our customers. Enjoy the RC vehicle running.

Most of the different vehicles have a terrain they are best suited to. Deciding where you’re going to run your R/C vehicle is the first step to narrowing down the choices.


Grass is probably the most popular surface — at least in our area — and is one of the most difficult terrains for radio control vehicles, because grass causes a lot of friction, which impedes the vehicle as it passes through it. Taller grass is harder than shorter grass, as well, so bear that in mind.

* Short Course Truck

* Monster Truck

* Stadium Truck (marginal)

* Rock Crawler


From the most difficult to the easiest, concrete or asphalt provides the least resistance to R/C vehicles, and therefore doesn’t have any limitations. Pretty much any vehicle can work on pavement. Some may be more fun than others on this surface — a rock crawler, for example wouldn’t be very entertaining on flat pavement — but from a function perspective, anything goes.

* Short Course Truck

* Monster Truck

* Stadium Truck

* Buggy

* Car

* Rock Crawler

Dirt / Gravel

Dirt and gravel are usually about as easy-going as pavement when it comes to what vehicles perform well. The only category that doesn’t really work well here are the cars, and even then, there are some, like rally cars, that thrive on the dirt. Since we’re generalizing, though, we’ll consider that you probably don’t want a car if you’re heading over to a dirt track or lot to play.

* Short Course Truck

* Monster Truck

* Stadium Truck

* Buggy

* Rock Crawler

Sand Dunes

If you’ve ever run a four-wheeler at the sand dunes, you know that sand is pretty terrible for anything mechanical, and this still holds true to radio control applications as well. That said, with the proper maintenance and care, most R/C vehicles can handle a trip to the dunes, though you’ll probably need to purchase different tires for this terrain. Again, I’m not sure how much fun a rock crawler would be in this situation, but to each his own.

* Short Course Truck

* Monster Truck

* Stadium Truck

* Buggy

* Rock Crawler

Tigersniff have kinds of RC vehicles, welcome to inquiry and great honor to cooperate with you. Thanks!

We have a nice product for soccer fans in the world. Very suitable for indoor playing with family, friends and colleagues. Details below:

* Soccer robot can move forward, backward, turn left, turn right, Kick with left and right feet

* Radio control soccer robot, football driving and kicking

* Two football player play each other, heightened senses

* With soccers and two goals

* With rechargeable Li-Po battery

Please check the video: https://lnkd.in/fWZUYPv

Do you like it? Welcome to inquiry now. Thanks!

1. Categories affected by the epidemic: washing detergent / sanitary napkin / paper / fragrance, ZIPPO / Swiss Army knife / glasses, family planning products, internet medical / health care products, baby and child urine pants.

2. Categories greatly affected by the epidemic: Aquatic meat / fresh fruits and vegetables / cooked food, clothing accessories / Belts / Hats / scarves, hair care / wigs, snacks / nuts / specialties.

3. Categories less affected by the epidemic: beauty instruments, milk powder / complementary food / nutrition / snacks, education and training, toys / baby carriages / wisdom / building blocks / Models.

4. Categories moderately affected by the epidemic: Cereals, oils, rice noodles / dry goods from north and South / condiments, beauty and skin care / body beauty / essential oil, personal care / health care / massage equipment, stationery, audio-visual education / cultural supplies / business supplies, coffee / cereal / beverage, traditional tonics, women’s wear / women’s Boutique.

The repot shows the online toy business is better at this period, consumers need more interesting toys to spend the time at home. Anyway, we hope the COVID-19 will be finished soon! Please stay safe and keep confidence.  Please contact us if we can do anything for you, Tigersniff teams will do our best to help customers, it is great honor.


Follow this advice as strictly as possible and encourage others to follow this advice too.


  • Wash your hands properly and often.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you cough and sneeze.
  • Put used tissues into a bin and wash your hands.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Avoid close contact with people – keep a distance of 2 metres (6.5 feet) between you and others.
  • Avoid crowded places, especially indoors.
  • Follow the travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs.
  • Stay at home if you are sick to help stop the spread of whatever infection you may have.


  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.
  • Do not share objects that touch your mouth – for example, bottles, cups.
  • Do not shake hands.

Wash your hands properly and often. You should wash your hands:

  • After coughing or sneezing
  • Before and after eating
  • Before and after preparing food
  • If you were in contact with someone who has a fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing)
  • After being on public transport or in a crowd (especially an indoor crowd)
  • If you have handled animals or animal waste
  • Before having a cigarette or vaping
  • If your hands are dirty
  • After toilet use

Keep your hands in good condition, moisturise them often. Any basic product that is not perfumed or coloured is OK.

Do not wear gloves instead of washing your hands. The virus gets on them in the same way it gets on your hands. Also, your hands can get contaminated when you take them off.

Wish all our partners and customers are safe! If our team can do anything for you, please feel free to contact us!

As a professional and responsible company, Tigersniff doesn’t just provide toys and hobbies, it is also our responsibility to protect customer health and safety. Our company will do our best to support partners and customers!  If you need any helps, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

A few hot and new building blocks toys for reference.

* 2.4G RC Building Blocks Robert M1 Support Cellphone Bluetooth Control 

* 2.4G RC Building Blocks Crawler Armed Rocket

* 2.4G RC Building Blocks Thunderbolt Dragon, Support Cellphone Bluetooth Control

* 2.4G RC Building Blocks Flame King, Support Cellphone Bluetooth Control

* 2.4G RC Balanced Programmable Building Block Robot, Support Cellphone Bluetooth Control

* 2.4G RC Building Blocks Track Stunt Car, Support Cellphone Bluetooth Control

* 2.4G RC Building Blocks Adorable Minnie 

* 1/8 C63 Static Version Building Blocks Car

* 2.4G RC Programmable Building Block  Robot, Support Cellphone Bluetooth Control

* 2.4G RC Building Blocks Wheel Load Bulldozer, Support Cellphone Bluetooth Control

* 2.4G RC Building Blocks Lieboherr-RH400, Support Cellphone Bluetooth Control

* Large Building Blocks Dream Castle 

More details and items available, welcome to inquiry.

Factory closures in China, where 85% of toys are made, threaten to choke supply of popular items

Toy companies are delaying shipments and new product launches and struggling to fill retail orders as the coronavirus epidemic disrupts the industry’s supply chain.

Some toy factories in China, where around 85% of the world’s toys are made, remain closed and others are operating at a fraction of capacity, either because of worker shortages or difficulties securing raw materials and molds to make their products, industry executives and analysts said.

Inside factories that are operating, companies are installing dividers between workspaces and taking other precautions against the spread of the disease, which has led to more than 2,700 deaths world-wide and raised the prospect of a global pandemic.

The disruption is threatening the carefully orchestrated schedule of manufacturing and shipments that delivers Barbie dolls and Nerf blasters to shelves. Some large retailers are searching for alternative products to fill holes in their inventories and considering delaying setting their shelves for the holiday season by a month.

It’s the latest challenge for a toy industry that in recent years has faced the threat of tariffs and bankruptcies of key retailers including Toys ‘R’ Us. Toy sales declined 4% in the U.S. last year, according to research firm NPD Group Inc.

“This is going to put some companies out of business if it goes on too long,” said Steve Pasierb, president and chief executive of the Toy Association Inc., a trade group.

He said that many toy companies have convened war rooms with daily calls to their Chinese manufacturers for status updates. Some have said they might see their expected output fall by around 25% in the second quarter of the year.

Jay Foreman, chief executive of toy company Basic Fun Inc. in Boca Raton, Fla., said that full production might not ramp up until April, and if the outbreak stretches much further, the holiday season could face trouble. “It will start to put strain on the supply chain for the second half of the year,” he said.

At Toy Fair New York this week, the impact of coronavirus cast a long shadow at an event where hundreds of companies convened to showcase everything from Baby Shark to Baby Yoda toys. Large companies like Hasbro Inc., HAS 3.19% Mattel Inc. MAT 7.81% and Lego A/S are trying to minimize the effect of delayed factory openings. They have said they expect some impact to sales and supplies at the beginning of the year that could worsen if the outbreak drags on.

Anna Mowbray, co-founder Zuru Ltd., which makes X-Shot blasters and Bunch O Balloons water balloons, said its factories have reopened in phases over the past few weeks. Zuru installed dividers between workspaces, added extra sanitation stations and implemented other precautionary measures. But the company is thinly staffed due to restrictions on China travel and is operating at just 20% of capacity right now, Ms. Mowbray said.

Zuru, which is based in Shenzhen, has had to scrap a new product launch for the year and is likely out tens of millions of dollars in revenue, Ms. Mowbray said. It is also asking retailers to be flexible with how much product they initially ship.

“There’s definitely going to be holes on shelves,” she said. “There’s a hole for us in revenue because of it, and I think there’s going to be less freshness.”

Hog Wild Toys LLC has reopened its factory in Guangdong, but it is also running at only about 15% of capacity, said Joshua Loerzel, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. But upstream in the supply chain, it is unable to get tooling equipment needed to make some new products as those producers are facing the same labor shortage.

That means shipments of products like Tower Tennis, an outdoor paddle game, likely won’t arrive at retailers as expected in April. Instead, Hog Wild will provide retailers some outdoor products that it imported late last year as it ramped up distribution to mass retailers.

“Luckily, we had these products so I pivoted the buyers to the stuff we have,” Mr. Loerzel said.

He said some large retailers have sent emails asking for extra outdoor toys to fill shelves for the spring and summer.

Some larger companies have worked to reduce their dependence on Chinese factories in recent years, with trade disputes recently creating the need for a more diversified base. Hasbro said it gets about two-thirds of its products from China and aims to reduce that to around 50% over the next few years. Mattel makes less than two-thirds of its products in China and most of its two largest brands, Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels cars, are made elsewhere.

Even if the factories start churning out toys faster soon, another challenge will be getting them out of China, as toys will have to compete with iPhones and other consumer products for transportation.

“If you think about all the consumer products and the floodgates open up, where do toys fit into that?” the Toy Association’s Mr. Pasierb said. “Even if they’re producing, there’s no belly of a jetliner to get onto right now.”

Tigersniff teams will do our best to make sure the orders delivery time, we will provide our biggest supports to customers to win the Coronavirus.

A few steps below:

  • Wash your hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer that contains alcohol.
  • Sneeze and cough into tissues or the crook of your elbow. If you get snot or spit on your skin, clean it off right away. Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick, especially people exhibiting respiratory symptoms and fever.
  • Stay home when you’re sick.
  • Regularly and thoroughly clean surfaces, such as counter tops and doorknobs, with a disinfectant.

Trust we can win finally. Tigersniff teams will do our best to finish customers’ orders with high quality. If we can do anything for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. Lego
  2. Nintendo
  3. Mattel
  4. Hasbro
  5. Disney
  6. Nerf
  7. Mega Brands
  8. Barbie
  9. Playmobil
  10. Playskool

The list will change every year, many new brands are fast developping, such as MGA, ZURU, etc. The kids will have more and more choices in the future, just enjoy the toys fun!

The Spielwarenmesse’s international trend committee has identified three strong trends for 2020 ahead of the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

The Spielwarenmesse’s trend committee is composed of toy experts from the U.S., Europe and China (including Steven Ekstract, brand director, global licensing group, Informa. Products from all three categories will be showcased at the Trend Gallery of Hall 3A at the 71st Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair, held in Nuremberg, Germany from Jan. 29 through Feb. 2. Categories being highlighted include:

The Spielwarenmesse’s international trend committee has identified three strong trends for 2020 ahead of the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

The Spielwarenmesse’s trend committee is composed of toy experts from the U.S., Europe and China (including Steven Ekstract, brand director, global licensing group, Informa. Products from all three categories will be showcased at the Trend Gallery of Hall 3A at the 71st Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair, held in Nuremberg, Germany from Jan. 29 through Feb. 2. Categories being highlighted include:

Toys for Future – Sustainability in Play
Products that fall within this trend have a firm focus on climate protection and sustainability. They not only promote environmentally friendly behavior and raise awareness through play but also comprise toys with sustainable aspects such as ecological materials, or articles that have been upcycled or recycled.

Digital Goes Physical – Virtual Figures ‘Get Real’
In the “Digital Goes Physical” trend, digital characters enter the world of conventional toys. Video games get the physical toy treatment. Characters’ physical counterparts also become an extension of virtual reality, opening the door to new experiences through play.

Be You! – Games for All
Play connects everyone irrespective of origin, religion or appearance. This is the fundamental principle of this trend, which brings together two objectives: to help people with special needs and to promote tolerance, inclusion and diversity. People with disabilities or diseases, such as dementia or Parkinson’s, have very different tactile requirements when it comes to toys and games. Products within this theme stimulate their minds and motor skills while creating shared experiences.

Tigersniff team will keep providing the innovative toys to dearest customers.

#1. Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair
#2. CBME China
#3. Nuremberg International Toy Fair – Spielwarenmesse
#4. The Prego Expo Phoenix
#5. Big Boys Toys
#6. ABC Kids EXPO
#7. The Prego Expo at San Diego
#8. CBME Turkey
#9. Toy & Edu China
#10. Baby Expo
#11. Kids India
#12. Big Boys Toys New Zealand
#13. PAX Unplugged
#14. NC Kid Expo Raleigh
#15. Emerald City Comic Con
#16. LEGO World
#18. Maker Faire Rome
#19. Chicago Baby Show
#20. New York Baby Show
#21. Just Between Friends Kansas City
#22. American International Toy Fair
#23. Sacramento Baby and Beyond Expo
#24. LA Baby Show
#25. The JPMA Show
#26. The Prego Expo Denver
#27. The Baby Show Birmingham
#28. International Stroller & Baby Product Fair
#29. Pregnancy and Baby Fair
#30. Seattle Babyfest
#31. Portland BabyFest
#32. CBME India
#33. Salon Baby
#34. Southern Christmas Show
#35. Gifts World Expo
#36. life instyle
#37. Christmas Gift and Decor Show
#38. VIECC Vienna Comic
#39. Singapore Comic Con
#40. Shanghai Comic Convention
#42. Holiday Mart
#43. Holiday Boutique
#44. Harrogate International Nursery Fair
#45. The Prego Expo at Philly
#46. The Baby Show Olympia
#47. Baby and Kids Expo Tokyo
#48. Mommy Baby Fair
#49. CMBE Indonesia
#50. The Toy Fair
#51. Kids Russia
#52. Christmas Gift + Hobby Show
#53. AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair
#54. Spring Gift and Homeware Fair
#55. New Zealand Gift and Homeware Fair
#56. Retail Quarter Sydney
#57. Play World Australia
#58. EGX
#59. Learning & Teaching Expo
#60. ASEAN (Bangkok) Toys & Preschool Expo 2020
#61. Birmingham Babypalooza
#62. Toy Fair Dallas
#63. Just Between Friends Milwaukee

Will you attend any of the fairs? We are going to attend some of the fairs with out latest toys and hobbies, wish to see you soon. Tigersniff, one of best toy suppliers.

Many customers are looking for a best mini drone for promotion, this drone has not special features, just the amazing price. ​

Tested many drones, and it is one of the best vallue middle drones, super stable flight with Wifi camera option, very attractive cost and high quality, it is best option in all middle drones.


* 3.5 CH control allows you to fly left / right and forward / backwards.
* Built-in imported gyroscope for stabilizing the helicopter automatically
* Flashing LED’s makes it easy to fly in darkness.
* Alloy frame, more durable
* Fully assembled, ready to fly
* Rechargeable Li-Pobattery

Chenghai, the jurisdiction of Shantou City, Guangdong Province, currently has more than 5000 toy enterprises in Chenghai District, with more than 4800 registered trademarks. In 2014, four toy enterprises were listed, occupying four seats in five toy listed companies in China. It is one of the most important toy production bases in the world.

We are in Chenghai, Shantou, welcome to visit Shantou, let’s show the most interesting and hot selling toys for you!

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